Let's Talk About Paradise

I pretty much chose the BVI to be the home of Time Will Tell for rather selfish reasons - it's gorgeous, the sailing is very good, the people are wonderfully friendly, there is great food to be had there, its close to home, fabulous snorkeling.....   The list goes on and on - and I presume that if you're looking to charter there, I don't really need to convince you.

There are plenty of good resources out there in the form of travel books and cruising guides, but I figure I'd add some of my own observations and notes about places for your perusal.  You never know what little nuggets of information you'll find useful.

This page will be added to and evolve as trips to the islands occur, people tell me about their experiences, or I just find things out.  So check back often!  And feel free to message me with your thoughts and experiences.

Norman Island

Renown as being the inspiration of Treasure Island, its a great place if you want to get away from the lights of town, but still want a good restaurant, and great snorkeling!


The big island, in the middle of everything, and the start and end of your adventure in Paradise.  Lots to see and do around the island - although it really depends on your vacation goals!

Virgin Gorda

The Fat Virgin is definitely worth a visit.  Whether you're looking for awe inspiring sights, good food, great entertainment, a quiet mooring or anchorage, there is something for everyone.


Marina Cay

A tiny little island with lots to see and do!  Located between Beef Island, Great Camanoe, and Scrub Island, it offers fuel, good food, good snorkeling, and good mooring and anchoring.  Great stop for all your needs.

Cooper Island

Home to the Cooper Island Beach Club, a great little snorkeling spot called Cistern Point, close to the Baths, and a bunch of wreck dive sites, Cooper Island has a bit of everything!

Jost Van Dyke

One of the BVI's most popular island, Jost has it all - beach bars (many), great food (lots), quiet spots, and parties that people come from the far corners of the earth to attend!


Cruising Guides

Obviously, this page is not meant to be an all comprehensive cruising guide to the BVI - merely some thoughts and reviews of places I have been on the islands that you might be interested in.  A quick search will find many cruising guides online, as well as many you can purchase.  In fact, there is even a cruising guide on Time Will Tell for you to use on your charter (please don't be tempted to take it home with you!).

For those of you interested in a more comprehensive guide, here are some links for you to check out.  Just remember, as hard as you try, you're not going to find everything on any one site or in a single book.  Check them all out, take notes, and then go and start your own list based on your observations - and send me a copy, so I might be able to pass on the information to others!

Possibly my favorite online cruising guide is BVI Cruising Guide.  They have great information about the different islands and their coves/harbors, along with satellite images to give you an idea of the approaches you'll be facing when you get there (no, they're not for navigation purposes!).  I spent many hours reading thru their pages before I went to the islands, and still refer to them.

BVI Mariner has a lot of great information - a bit more concise than the BVI Cruising Guide, as well as observations from other cruisers (though how current it is depends on who is out cruising and if they feel like sharing).  But it is nice to see quickly how many mooring balls to expect in a field and what other services to expect there.  I love to use it to see if there is a store to pick up something I forgot in Road Town, or where I can get fuel!  They also have great tools once you sign up - like making a Float Plan.

Noonsite is a general cruising site that has information about almost anywhere you might want to go in the world.  Its a great place to start your cruising research to anywhere, and is a goto site for most experienced cruisers - and the British Virgin Islands are no exception!

If you want a hard copy of a cruising guide and can't find a good one at your local Barnes & Noble, Its tough to beat Cruising Guide Publications!  They also have a ton of good information on their Travel Planning page.

This list should get you started.  Message me if there is something you're looking for and not finding, or if you have a favorite site I should add to the list.


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