Cooper Island

Cooper Island is a small island, but holds a lot of attraction.  First, there is the Cooper Island Beach Club, home to the Cooper Island Brewery.  Then there is the snorkeling at Cistern Point.  Of course, there is diving at a Shipwreck Alley.  Want to use the island as a jumping off point to head over to the Baths - yep, that's possible too!

Basically, Cooper Island is a centrally located worthwhile stop in your charter itinerary!

Cooper Island Beach Club

Cooper Island Beach Club is a great place to visit - they have a really great restaurant, a nice gift shop (they call it a boutique, so it’s a little pricey for my tastes, which is why I don’t have one of their tee shirts yet), and a good sized mooring field.

The food at the restaurant is really great.  There are options from a burger to seared tuna salad.  They’re also known for their on site brewery - unique as its solar powered.  They have a really neat drink menu as well.  They serve both lunch and dinner, and it’s centrally located, so it makes for a great lunch stop on the way to or from someplace else!

The mooring field is nice - and very popular.  It’s also a little more rolly than some others because it is directly exposed to the Sir Frances Drake Channel - we’re not talking an inlet here at all.  It was fun at night watching all the anchor lights moving side to side a bit at night.   It’s not terrible (you’re in a cat after all), but if you are interested in a really stable anchorage, you might want to look somewhere else.

But if you are looking for a romantic Table for Two Beachside - in this case in the water - then look no further than Cooper Island Beach Club!


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