What is Bareboat Chartering?

Bareboat Chartering is simply renting a yacht for your own personal use.  No different than renting a car - although a car won't hold as many friends and family in as much comfort as Time Will Tell can.  So, maybe more like renting an RV for the week.  It is an incredible way to combine sailing and travel into one relaxed and luxurious vacation.

Who wouldn't want to sail into a gorgeous lagoon, swim crystal clear waters and hang out with the fish, rays, turtles and occasional dolphin? Eat and drink in exotic locales?  Meet the friendly locals?  And never think about Formal Night!


Is Bareboat Better than a Cruise?

If your goal is to avoid a beach that looks like this?  Get on Time Will Tell!  If you want to be able to decide to stay at one idyllic bay for more than a few hours?  Get on Time Will Tell!  Want to drink a Sundowner where you can actually see the sun go down?  Get on Time Will Tell!

I have done the cruise thing - and it is great to get a taste of many islands, in a short period of time.  But I am done with standing in line, lifeboat drills, and paying $100 a head (or more!) to go snorkeling for an hour, where they tell you to wear a Mae West and to stay with the group!  On Time Will Tell, I get to just jump over the side and visit with the sea creatures for as long as I like!  And if the beach looks like this, I weigh anchor and go to another beach - on another island (30 minutes away).

Do I Need to be Qualified?

Yes!  You may be a wonderful person, but I'm not letting just anyone take my yacht!  You'll fill out a Sailing Resume to be reviewed by the Charter Management Company (yes, I work with one because they're the experts).  In addition, they send someone from the base out with you during the initial sail - this gives you a chance beyond the briefing to ask questions, and they get to see you handle the boat.

Let's say that you don't have the requisite knowledge, the sailing resume doesn't quite measure up, does that mean you can't charter Time Will Tell??  Heck no!  My goal is for you to have a fabulous vacation in Paradise aboard Time Will Tell.  We just need to set you up with a Captain!


Do I Want a Captain?

Having a Captain aboard means that someone else is responsible for the safety and security of the yacht and crew - freeing you up to just relax and have fun!  In addition, you're bring a professional with you who has local knowledge - they probably know fabulous places to anchor, swim and eat out that you've likely never heard of!  I've also noticed that sailors love to share their passion for sailing with others, so it wouldn't be surprising if you got to compare styles, ask some questions, and learn a tip or trick from someone who sails yachts like these almost everyday!

You might also want to consider bringing a chef along as well.  Nothing like waking to the smell of fresh coffee and someone asking what you'd like for breakfast!

Rates & Availability

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How to Charter TWT

You are interested in Chartering Time Will Tell - here is where you find how you do it.  The process is easy, and I can help guide you thru the process.

About Time Will Tell

Time Will Tell is a fabulous 42' sailing catamaran based in the BVI.  Get more details about her, including specs and the story of how she was named!

Charter Options

As much as the vacation is about sailing aboard Time Will Tell in the BVI, there are options that you might want to add to make your vacation that much more special!

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