One thing about going on vacation - especially a vacation in Paradise - is that there are always ways to enhance your vacation!  Here are a few suggestions - as well as links and pricing - for some of the popular options available thru the management company.

Personally, I like working with experts - they know things I don't have a clue about, they tell it to me straight, and they give me peace of mind.  I've been to the BVI, I don't know how many times, but the guys at the management company live there - and have been working with the linked vendors for years!  That's why I am confident enough to send you to their web sites.

Let me know if you have any questions or ideas not listed!


Water Taxi

If you are like most people, your travel to TWT is something like a flight to St Thomas, get a taxi to Charlotte Amalie, hang around the ferry terminal after talking to the guy who says "I take care of your bags, you take care of me," get on the ferry (line), get off the ferry (longer line), get thru C&I (even longer line), find your bags, pay the guy for the BVI stuff, find Andrew (the base taxi driver), get to the base, and finally get aboard TWT!  It is an involved process - although the process does help get you into vacation mode.

Now imagine you get to St Thomas, your taxi driver calls your call to tell you exactly where he is, he drives you to Red Hook, you and your crew board a speedy boat (you are the only guest aboard), after showing you where the cooler is on the boat (help yourself) the Captain casts off, and now you fly across the water to Tortola, where as you enjoy the beverage of your choice, the Captain deals with C&I.  With that chore completed, cast off again to be taken right to Road Reef Marina (TWT's home), so you can be dropped off on the dock - likely right next to TWT.  Sound like a nicer trip?

I have done it recently with my crew, and it is a top shelf experience - made even better if a flight get delayed (our group had half the crew delayed over 2 hours, and we would have missed the ferry - no worries here!  The taxi and boat are waiting for you - and they are monitoring your flights so they know if you're late!).  While it is a more expensive way to go than the ferry, it is a vastly better experience.  It is how I plan to get to the yacht from now on!


Let's say you have a big family.  Or maybe you have a lot of friends.  How about a big family and a lot of friends?  I know some people think the idea of a good time is seeing how many people they can go on vacation with, but allow me to suggest an idea:  Take everyone with you on vacation, travel to the same islands, enjoy drinks at the same beachbar, and toast sunset together with a Sundowner - BUT still enjoy your privacy and a little peace and quiet when you need it.

A Flotilla is multiple boats traveling together, staying close as you sail from one cove to the next - maybe even have a little friendly competition.  Between the radios onboard and the cell phone coverage of the BVI, you'll be in constant contact, the dinghies will ferry you and your party between boats and to shore, and everyone has a little elbow room!  There is nothing like waving to the people on the next boat over, and actually knowing who they are!

Message me with your needs - I know a number of other owners, and am willing to talk to them to see if we can get you a great global rate for all the yachts for your perfect large get together in Paradise!

Sleep Aboard the Night Before

Why rush?  And why pay for a day of sailing when you're really traveling?  Just book Time Will Tell to sleep aboard her the day of your arrival!  The cost is half of the daily rate of your trip (plus the cruising tax - not something I get a choice about).  The marina has facilities for showering - and you don't have to wait 5 minutes for the water to get hot, unlike a few of the facilities I experienced on the delivery.  There is a nice food store next door to provision the boat and put it all away the evening before.  Road Town and a host of restaurants are not far away (a medium walk or take a taxi).  You'll have a chance to get comfortable with Time Will Tell and be ready for your briefing and checkout first thing in the morning!


While I admit I am not as into fishing as some of my friends and family are, I have been told that the fishing in the BVI is amazing.  When snorkeling, I've seen bazillions of fish!  To fish, you need to get a Fishing Permit and obviously rent some gear.  These guys can help you with both!


There are a couple of different ways to approach diving for the certified divers out there.  First, get gear, keep it on the boat for the duration of your charter, and have it picked up at the end of your charter.  The management company recommends Blue Water Divers.  They'll deliver tanks, racks and any other scuba equipment to your boat. They will pick them up again at the end of your charter - all free of charge.  Mention that you're working with TMM (the management company) and get a discount on tank refills.  Then there are rendezvous dives - meet at a specific time and place, then dive!  These guys are all reputed to be excellent!

Watersports Equipment

So maybe you really want some gear for the trip!  Stand Up Paddleboard?  How about a kayak?  Water Carpets?  Beach Chairs?  Surf boards or Boogie boards!  You are on vacation, and the world (or sea, in this case) is your oyster!  Check these guys out, and drop them a line!


Odds are good that you're going to see this crazy guy out on the water taking pictures of you on Time Will Tell!  His name is Guy - he and his team take great pictures - and here is where you can see those pictures!  Maybe you want to make sure he sees you and gets some shots - send him an email or a text.  Got a special occasion on the water you want photographed?  Get a hold of him, and he'll take good care of you.

Captains & Chefs

Captains are great to have aboard - they take on responsibility of safety for the ship and crew, letting you just relax.  And they come in a variety of "flavors," too!  A Checkout Captain is just onboard for your first day to get you up to speed on the yacht.   There is the Captain (or Skipper) who is aboard for the duration of the trip.  Then there is the Instructional Captain who is also there to teach you what you need to know to be proficient at running the yacht - with and without certifications.  Costs run from about $175-250/day plus optional gratuity.

Chefs are almost the ultimate in luxury chartering, making scrumptious meals throughout the trip.  They generally take care of the provisioning - you do foot the bill, and odds are good you'll be doing some shopping to round out what they purchase.  Costs for the chef run similar to the captain, plus supplies.

If you're interested in either a Captain or a Chef, or have some questions, let me know!

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