Birth of a Yacht

"Have you seen her yet?" Pascal asked me with his heavy French accent.  He is the owner of Denis Deliveries, and responsible for getting my new baby from its birthplace to the warm waters of the British Virgin Islands.  "No - didn't know where she was," I told him as we walked up to a dock with nearly a dozen brand spanking new Lagoon catamarans tied to it.  It was a blustery late December day in Le Sables d'Olonne France, threatening to rain, wind stinging my face.  It seemed ages ago I met Pascal aboard another 42' Lagoon at the Annapolis Boat Show, discussing the possibility of my being part of the delivery crew.  Time certainly does not fly when you're waiting for a boat to be built.

Your boat.

Your yacht.

"Well, there she is!" as we walked up to a white hulled 42' catamaran, with a small sign taped by the saloon doors that simply said Hull #360.

I've never had children - stepchildren, but I am told its not the same.  I imagine the feeling is similar for a new dad when he sees his child for the first time.  All you can do is stare at the new baby and say "Wow."

We took a picture , went aboard, toured the boat looking for issues and to make sure she was fitted out per the contract, there were about a thousand documents to be signed, and then just like that, Time Will Tell was born.

No fanfare, no champagne (although some was brought aboard by the builder's rep, but it was never mentioned, just left on the counter when he departed with his papers), nothing.  It was kind of nice that way.

We spent the better part of a week getting her ready for the 4000 mile maiden voyage across the ocean.  We departed France Christmas eve, another cold cloudy day - again quietly without a ticker-tape parade from the home of the Vendee Globe - but that trip is another story......!


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People love to talk numbers - and these are some of the pertinent numbers for Time Will Tell.  Almost anything you'd want to know about her specs!


Wondering where you put four staterooms and four heads in a 42' catamaran?  The layouts will give the kids an idea which bed they want to claim!


Who doesn't like pictures?  They say they're worth 1000 words - here are a bunch of Time Will Tell.  There are even some of her sister ships, but really, its about TWT!

What's in a Name?

Ever wonder what goes into picking the name for a boat?  It can be simple, whimsical, or go thru a series of incarnations.  This is how Time Will Tell got her name!

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