Time Will Tell is a very comfortable 4 Cabin 4 Head configured catamaran whose size belies just how roomy she is - especially down below.  Having sailed a number of cats in the 40'-50' range I can tell you that she doesn't give up much in the way of comfort to boats 3'-5' longer than she is - and yet she is 20% or more less expensive!  That is a lot of lobster dinners and Sundowners!

Go over the layouts and pick your favorite cabin.  Hard to really go wrong with any of them, but I know which one is my favorite!  Feel free to message me with any questions - or if you just want to know which one I like best (or why)!

In the Hulls

Layout 1

Each hull contains 2 staterooms, and 2 heads, virtual mirrors of each-other.  The main cabins each have their own private heads, a hanging locker, sizable drawer space, a fan, and its own air conditioning unit - complete with controls.  They also have a 110 volt AC plug as well as a pair of USB plugs to keep all the electronic gear charged.

The forward port cabin also has access to the forepeak cabin, which can be secured from either side.  If you have all of the main cabins in use and you bring a Captain along, the forepeak cabin is his/her berth.  It is also a great cabin for children as it gives them their own space, and yet is still in easy reach!


Main Deck

Layout 2

The Main Deck features the Saloon (think of it as the livingroom inside) and the Cockpit (the livingroom outside).  There is also the Helm (port side midships), the trampoline (please don't jump on it - forward between the hulls), and the Davits (where the Dinghy goes when not in use - aft of the cockpit, between the hulls).

In the Saloon is the Galley (starboard side - it has a 3 burner stove, an oven, microwave, sink, etc in a nice compact design.  It is not huge, but the first time you try to cook a meal underway, you appreciate how it is designed - ask me how I know.  Forward of the Galley is the Nav Station, which has the VHF radio, the stereo (with Bluetooth and USB inputs, as well as separate controls for the Saloon and the Cockpit), and the Electrical Control Panel.

Moving to port from the Nav Station is the comfy Diningroom table (the block in the middle of the Saloon is a bench seat for the table).  Moving aft on the port side is the top loading freezer (top "snowflake") and the Galley Fridge (bottom "snowflake").  The fridge actually opens inboard.

Between the Galley Fridge and the Galley is a sliding door (3 actually) leading to the cockpit.  Starboard side features the outdoor dining table - where you'll likely eat most of your meals - as well as a lounger that is probably the most comfortable seat on the boat!  On the port side as you come into the cockpit is the Cockpit Fridge.  The stairs lead up to the roomy Helm, with another seating area further aft.

You can go forward on either side of the yacht (try not to walk on the hatches!), letting you lay out on the trampoline or sit on the pulpit seats at the bow of each hull.  The Helm also has stairs that go up on the Cockpit Roof, which has a nice sunlounge area - although I don't necessarily advise using it underway (its fabulous when on a mooring ball or at anchor, though).



Obviously Time Will Tell has lots of places for people to hang out and relax, either together or apart.  And don't get too concerned about the operation or details of the features on the yacht - you'll get a detailed briefing on all the systems and components when you get aboard.

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