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This is where you can find out about some of the deals that I'm running for Time Will Tell Charters.  I say some because flash or email specials won't generally be here.  And if the deals are good enough, you're going to need a phrase or name of the special to get it - and for that you need to be on the mailing list, so sign up today and avoid the rush!

The World in Which We Live

Were I to have told anyone late last year that we'd be embroiled in a worldwide pandemic, OR that commerce the world over would basically be shut down, OR that the US-China trade stuff would be back, OR that the stock market would drop over 30%, OR that major cities across the country would be burning nightly I would would have been laughed out of the room.  Forget that ALL these things would happen in the first half of the year.

I guess my father was right when he said that if you live long enough you'll see things you thought impossible.  Of course, he was also a fan of the phrase "This too shall pass."

So, in that light, let us look to the future - and if you're like me, that future includes some time sailing aboard Time Will Tell in the BVI!  And if like me you can see thru to the other side of the Times in Which We Live, let's give you something to look forward to!  As Jeff Goldblum recently told me when I was watching his show - the anticipation and planning are as good as the act itself (I personally like the sailing myself - but who am I to argue?)


Deal #1

Do you want to go now?  Right NOW???  Of course, the BVI is only slated to be open to charters like you and me (effectively) October 1st.  So, if you want to go this year (2020), any open date you can find thru 12/23 - take 50% off!

If you're ready to go, then why not go?  I know a lot of plans have been postponed, cancelled, and changed this year, so let's add to the calendar rather than take things off!  After all, last I heard, autumn is still a good time to have the islands practically to yourself, the Christmas Winds were still going to blow, and Foxy was still planning on having his famous New Year's Bash!

Deal #2

So maybe 2020 is a little soon for you - how about 2021?  Find an open date you like and take 25% off! It doesn't really much matter what the date is, if it says 2021 at the end of it, book it and get a great deal!

Obviously, if you look at the Calendar you'll notice a lot of dates are already taken!  Don't put it off any longer!

Reason to Book #3

Drum roll please...!

If you are thinking of going next summer (4th of July people look lively!), forget percent off.  Summers are great in the Islands - no crowds (relatively speaking, of course), easier to get a mooring ball (we have all watched someone rush to be the first to the last ball!), and its more likely you will be the only boat on Sandy Spit!  So just book the week - and Stay for a Second Week for FREE!

So, a fabulous 14 days in Paradise for the price of 7.  And yes, I do mean 14 days in a row - same group!

The number one complaint I hear about charter vacations is that at the end of the week, people are just getting into the groove of being on vacation in the islands.  Consider the first week Orientation Week, and hang around for the Main Event.  You'll never regret it!


Nitty Gritty

Obviously, some "fine print."

  • These deals are for new bookings only.
  • These deals are for available dates on the Calendar - and while I work really hard to keep the Calendar up to date and accurate, no promises until everything is confirmed.
  • Yep, you still need to submit a crew manifest and a sailing resume - and if you are deemed not qualified you will need to take a captain on at an additional fee.  Incidentally, I am not the one who decides that!  The yacht base owner does!  And he has forgotten more about sailing than many of us will ever know.
  • Discounts are about the cost of chartering the yacht only!  Add ons are not discounted.
  • Yes, you still have to pay for the mandatory stuff like cruising permits, insurance, VISAR, etc.  If you've done this before - you know the drill.
  • Your trip payment are non refundable!  It is one of the reasons I can offer you these discounts.  If something happens, I will work hard to get you rebooked for a different available date, and do what I can for/with you, but if you are really worried about the payments, definitely get travel insurance!
  • There is a "secret" phrase required to get these deals.  Want to know what it is?  Get on the mailing list!  If you don't know it, sorry!  You've been warned!
  • Want to know more about the process, go to Chartering TWT

Bareboat Charter

Sailing your own yacht into a picturesque bay to go snorkeling, swim up to a beach bar, or dance the night away at an island club can be your perfect vacation!

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Enhance Your Charter

Want a Captain to chauffeur you around the islands?  How about a chef to cook you some fabulous food during your trip?  This and more is possible!

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